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The European Physical Journal Plus

Volume 138 / No 3 (March 2023)

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Focus Point on Higher Derivatives in Quantum Gravity: Theory, Tests, Phenomenology

Focus Point on Environmental and Multiplicity Effects on Planet Formation

Focus Point on Scientific Research in Cultural Heritage 2022

Focus Point on Mathematics and Physics at the Quantum-Classical Interface

Focus Point on Breakthrough Optics- and Complex Systems-based Technologies of Modulation of Drainage and Clearing Functions of the Brain

Focus Point on Progress in Medical Physics in Times of CoViD-19 and Related Inflammatory Diseases

Focus Point on Scientific Research in Cultural Heritage

Focus Point on Accelerator-based Photon Science Strategy, Prospects and Roadmap in Europe: a Forward View to 2030.

B. Fraboni and G. García López
On behalf of all my colleagues and me, I really appreciate the quick and precise editorial process on this paper. That made our work much better, which assisted us in achieving our goal.

Farnaz Foadi, Plasma Physics Research Center, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

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