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EPJ Plus Focus Point Issue: Advances in Hyperspectral Data Processing for Cultural Heritage

Aims and Goals

This Focus Point invites contributions that showcase the most recent advances in the processing of close-range hyperspectral data of Cultural Heritage assets.

Technological improvements in spectroscopic imaging are leading to the necessity of relying more and more on computational approaches for processing large amounts of data in order to maximise the extraction of information and provide quantitative results. This is becoming increasingly relevant also in the domain of Cultural Heritage, where hyperspectral imaging methods are progressively acquiring more relevance for the analysis of artworks and antiquities held at Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM).


EPJ Plus Focus Point Issue: Breakthrough optics- and complex systems-based technologies of modulation of drainage and clearing functions of the brain

Aims and Goals

There is intensive grow body of evidance that the lymphatics plays an crucial role in the keeping the health of the central nervous system (CNS) via the drainage of CNS tissues and clearance of metabolites and neurotoxins. The ability to stimulate the lymph flow in the sleeping brain is likely to play an important role in developing innovative methods in neurorehabilitation therapy. However, the scanty information available about the mechanisms of lymphatic clearance of waste products and toxins from the brain slows down progress in the appearance of technologies for therapeutic modulations of the lymphatics in the CNS.

This special issue is focused on the development and application of modern approaches from photonics and complex systems science to design promising strategies in stimulation of the cerebral lymphatics and development of breakthrough technologies for non-invasive and real time analysis of brain drainage and clearing functions. We strongly believe that this pioneering step will motivate researchers and industrial parners to create the novel promising devices for neurorehabilitaion medicine based on the stimulation of cerebral lymphatic functions.


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