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EPJ C - New Theory Editors-in-Chief and Fermi Prize for Dieter Haidt

The publishers of The European Physical Journal C – Particles and Fields are pleased to announce the appointment of Professors Gino Isidori (Frascati) and Sergei Odintsov (Barcelona) as new theory Editors-in-Chief. This follows the splitting of the theory section into Theory I: Phenomenology of the Standard Model and Beyond, now led by Gino Isidori, and Theory II: Gravitation, Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology, General Aspects of Quantum Field Theories and Alternatives, now led by Sergei Odintsov.

With some 400 published papers totaling over 11.000 citations, Sergei Odintsov has recently been elected by the Russian edition of Forbes among the 10 most influential Russian scientists.

The publishers would also like to congratulate the former Editor-in-Chief of EPJ C, Prof. Dieter Haidt (Hamburg) for having been awarded the 2011 Fermi Prize of the Italian Physical Society for his fundamental contribution to the discovery of weak neutral currents with the Gargamelle bubble chamber at CERN. For more information see http:/www.epsnews.eu/2011/10/2011-enrico-fermi-prize/

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